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Prairie Nursery : Native Seeds

Native plants & seeds of the Midwest for gardens, landscape and restoration.

Indigo Agriculture | Plant Microbiome Technology

Leading plant microbiome technology that harnesses nature and improving crop yields of corn, cotton, rice, soybeans, and wheat.

Planetary Correspondences of Saturn From Alchemy Works

Saturn is all about learning one's limits and the emphasizing of borders. Choose these plants when doing binding or hexing spells, rituals for breaking one ...

Rowland & Chinami Ricketts | indigo | art | textiles

Rowland and Chinami Ricketts use natural materials and traditional processes to create contemporary textiles. Chinami hand-weaves narrow width yardage for ...

Browntop Millet Seed - 50lb Bag | Wise Seed Company

Browntop Millet Seed – 50lb Bag. Browntop Millet Seed – 50lb bag. Browntop Millet is one of the varieties of millet harvested by Wise Seed Company.

Golden German Millet Seed - 50 lb. Bag Golden German ...

Golden German Millet Seed - Golden German Millet is a variety of Foxtail millet released by Colorado State in 1969. Golden German Millet is commonly used a ...

Buffalo Grass Seed - Buffalograss Seed

Buffalo Grass Seed (Buchlo dactyloides) - Buffalo Grass Seed is the only grass native to North America that is used widely for turf. Fossils discovered in ...

Chakras, the Seven Life-Force Energy Centers

The Chakras System, Our Seven Life-Force Energy Centers “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word literally meaning "wheel." These centers were named ...

Easyliving Native Perennial Wildflowers

Native wildflower seed and wild flower potted plants for landscaping with information on growing, propagating, and identifing native prairie wildflowers.